Excursions for everyone


In Mikongo, escape to the forest heart.

Our goal is to make you discover an ecosystem that you may not know: the gabonese rainforest. We will be delighted to explain everything that startles you if we know the answer. Indeed, some people could imagine a nonstop walking in an utter silent, with only one 10-minute-long break for lunching in a hostile environment. That's not the case! If you have a question, ask it. If you feel a sudden natural urge, we stop the necessary time. For us, the most important is to guarantee your security and well-being.

Our experience shows that by spending three days in Mikongo, you have greater chances to see all the emblematic fauna of Mikongo forest: elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, duikers (forest antelopes), buffaloes... Therefore, we propose you to stay 3 days and 2 nights in Mikongo with possibility to centre each day on tracking the animal species of your choice:

DAY 1  "Example: Tracking elephant":

•  7.30am: departure from Lope in car (the ride to Mikongo Camp lasts about 90 minutes).

•  9am: let's begin the forest walking.

•  12.30pm: forest picnic (sandwich + fruit juice + biscuits).

•  5.30pm: let's return to the camp.

•  pitching tents and cooking dinner for us, resting and bathing (in the river ;) for you.

•  8pm: dinner (fish, green beans and rice).

•  night under tent.

DAY 2  "Example: Tracking gorilla":

•  6.30am: breakfast (bread, butter and chocolate / milk powder + tea or coffee).

•  7am: entering the forest.

•  12.30pm: forest picnic (sandwich + fruit juice + biscuits).

•  6pm: return to the camp.

•  8pm: dinner (chicken, ratatouille and rice).

•  night under tent.

 DAY 3  "Example: Tracking chimpanzee":

•  6.30am: breakfast (bread, butter and chocolate / milk powder + tea or coffee).

•  7am: entering the forest.

•  12pm: forest picnic (sandwich + fruit juice + biscuits).

•  3pm: return to the camp where the car is waiting for us (normally ;)

•  4pm: departure from Mikongo Camp to Lope.

Sandwichees are generally made with mayonnaise, cans of mixed vegetables and hotdog sausages or tuna. The bread is made by a Lope baker.
Please warn us in case of allergy or particular diet!



1 day - Adult

125,000 FCFA
US$ 225

1 day - Children (12 to 18)

75,000 FCFA
US$ 135


The price includes:

- the entry permits to Lope National Park.

- the return trip in car between Lope and Mikongo.

- guides.

- camping equipment.

- lunch picnic and mineral water
+ dinners and breakfasts for each night spent in Mikongo.

The breakfast of the first day is not included.


Lope, sensations within easy reach.

Association MIKONGO'VISION also organizes forest excursions in the northern part of Lope National Park as well as car safaris. Indeed, Lope savannahs are a thriving environment for many animals.

Prices per person:

Walk (mix forest and savannah)

30,000 FCFA
US$ 54

Safari park (3-hour-long)

30,000 FCFA
20,000 FCFA*


US$ 54
US$ 36*

 *: Reduced rate if you have a personal car for the safari.

Bring hat and solar cream with you because we walk in full sunlight in the savannahs!


Mount Brazza, a classic.

If you still have time and energy, and that you wish to take magnificently coloured photos, the climbing of Mount Brazza will make you happy. Armed with good shoes and your favourite cap, be ready to climb 1.000ft on a rocky terrain, sometimes slippery. From above, you will be rewarded by a splendid view of Lope country crossed by Ogooue river.

Advantage of the morning (from 7am): an early climb will avoid you to suffer from the heat.

Advantage of the afternoon (from 3pm): the sunset colours enhance the beauty of the green hills.

Price: 20,000 FCFA per person
(£26 / US$ 36).


The excursion to Mount Brazza (climbing + rest + descent) lasts about 3 hours, but you really decide of the time spent up there. The only obligation is to be come down to earth before nightfall, being 7pm at the latest.

At any moment of the day, you must absolutely bring with you solar cream, hat and sun-protective clothes, especially for children!